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Generate new ideas.
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# 19
Ranked 19 among all US think tanks - the top 1%

Source: 2018 Global Go To Think Tank Index, Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program of the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania

# 1
for its percentage of women at the expert staff level

Source: WIIS Gender ScoreCard


68 %
increase in staff since 2016
new programs in 2018


1.6 mill.
website visits in 2018
22.7 k
twitter followers
0 % increase in media over 2017.


75 %
of Senior Staff are women.
# 2
the second fewest single-gender panels among top 20 think tanks

Source: Washington Post: “Women are mysteriously missing from D.C. think tanks’ foreign policy panels. Here’s the data.” Federiga Bindi and Mimosa Giamanco. 8-23-19.

“Stimson goes beyond admiring the problem. We build uncommon alliances and apply our research and analysis for the betterment of human kind. In short, our research has impact.”

“Stimson prioritizes ideas based in evidence and real-world, pragmatic application, and recognizes the necessity of diverse voices and uncommon alliances to solve today’s pressing problems.”

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Celebrating 30 Years

Stimson was founded 30 years ago in a time of great change and with the mandate to pursue pragmatic steps toward ideal objectives across the international security domain. Three decades later, in equally turbulent times, Stimson occupies an outsized role in advancing international security, shared prosperity, and justice through our unique blend of applied research, independent analysis, and policy innovation. 

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