A Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Peacekeeping

Giving peacekeepers new tools to better achieve their mission to protect civilians from harm

Building on its deep expertise in how peacekeeping operations work on the ground, Stimson developed a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework for use by peacekeepers to evaluate the effectiveness of their protection interventions.

IMPACT: A better understanding of which peacekeeping activities are effective, and under what circumstances, will help missions target resources to what works and in turn help the greatest number of civilians. 

Deep Connections

Know the path to policy change

Stimson gained the support of UN members states to insert language calling for measurement and evaluation of peacekeeping missions’ efforts to protect civilians in the 2018 report of the UN General Assembly’s Special Committee on Peacekeeping. 

Why does language in UN a report matter? It is important to ensuring that the implementation of Stimson’s new framework will be supported by the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and peacekeeping mission leaders. 

Next Step? Piloting the Framework

After developing a framework that can be used to monitor and evaluate the protection of civilians in a wide range of peacekeeping settings, the team is exploring how and where to pilot the use of the framework in an active peacekeeping mission. We continue to work with various stakeholders to ensure that peacekeepers have the tools they need to adequately protect civilians and better inform policymakers on changing dynamics on the ground.

“Stimson has institutional memory on peacekeeping reform that can be very useful to peacekeepers serving in the field today. We are committed to identifying ways to build tools that can improve peacekeepers’ ability to protect civilians from harm, and this initiative is a significant step in our efforts. With more systematic analysis of peacekeepers’ activities, outcomes, and impact, peacekeeping mission leaders will have better information on which to base their decisions and target their resources to protect civilians.”

– Aditi Gorur, Director, Protecting Civilians in Conflict Program

Peacekeeping Monitoring and Evaluation is a Project of the Protecting Civilians in Conflict Program

The Protecting Civilians in Conflict project engages policymakers, practitioners, and communities on the ground to identify protection gaps and develop tailored strategies to protect civilians in war-torn societies.

To support this work, contact Sarah Savoy.

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